Club Layout Exibition Dates

2020 Notable Dates

Saturday 9th May. Club Spring open day.
Fri/Sat/Sun July/August. 31st/1st/2nd. Club Exhibition at Cleveland College.
Sunday 20th September. Club  Autumn open day. (Provisional Date).
A full list of dates our layouts will be showing and where will be available soon
Northalleton Dates

Febuary - Lincoln 29th - 1st March
October - Wigan 3rd - 4th

Fri/Sat/Sun 17th/18th/19th April. Guisborough and Raventhorpe have been invited to
exhibit at Scarborough model Railway show.
Fri/Sat/Sun 15th/16th/17th May. Stockton has been invited to Middlesborough Model Railway Exhibition.
Fri/Sat/Sun July/August. 31st/1st/2nd. Grosmont has been invited to Scarborough.
Fri/Sat/Sun. 25th/26th/27th September. Rosedale will be exhibiting at Danby Visitor Centre

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