FARNBY an ‘O’ Gauge Starter Layout by Cleveland Model Railway Club
Farnby is a fictional small country station layout that could represent either late LNER or BR up to the mid 1960’s. It is located on a former through line now truncated due to loss of traffic to road competition. Originally the line would have continued off board under the road over bridge to the next station.It was conceived originally for club members with no ‘O’ Gauge experience to experiment and model in 7mm.
Comprising three scenic boards, each 1.5 metres x 0.6 metres, constructed as a 6mm ply sandwich framework plus a fourth to the same dimensions that is part scenic/part sector plate.Plain track work is Peco with most points built from Marcway kits. This will provide for a single branch line into the station with run round and shunting facilities to other parts of the layout. Electrics will initially be conventional DC.Farnby’s light railway nature signalling comprises an eight leverground frame, one upper quadrant station starter and two N.E.R rotating ground signals.
All the rolling stock has been built by club members and for most it represents their first forays into 7mm modelling. On show are vehicles built from Connoisseur, Parkside Dundas and Slater’s kits. The locomotives used are short wheelbase types typical of such lines,
Farnby O
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Detail of Layout For Exhibition Managers

Era: LNER to BR Mid 1960s
Scale: 7mm Gauge: O Size: 20FT X 2FT  Footprint: 24FT X 6FT
No. of Operators:  4
Insurance including stock £4,000
Van Hire : Normally no dependent upon whether a club members trailer is available.

Accommodation : Yes if more than 50 miles from home base.
Other: 13amp socket and stock table plus two chairs. We would like barriers if not available we can supply our own.