Construction of the layout was commenced in 2014. It was envisaged that the
layout would be end to end and consist of 7 boards 4 feet x 3 feet. The model
would be of a steel works utilizing Walthers kits for the main structures. The
layout is also DCC. Track work was drawn on computer by means of the any
rail program. Due to dimensional restrictions some features of a working
steel plant have been left out but it is to be hoped that the atmosphere and
entertainment value of the prototype has been achieved.

This is a OO layout some of the main elements of a steel production plant namely a dock, blast furnace, Bos plant, coke ovens and a rolling mill.
The layout is 28ft long by 7 ft wide. There is 20 ft of scenic steel works and a rear simple shuffle yards
The layout is DCC controlled in the modern image style using Freightliner and EWS class 66.
The layout was constructed in 18 months with the base board made from foam board to achieve easy transportation.

John Collins

Transport is by hire van with 2/4 operators
In Nov 2017 Teesteel was very well received at Eurospoor 2017 in Holland.

One of the Clubs private layouts is Teesteel a layout of a Steel Works. The layout is 28ftx8ft. OO with sound. Teesteel has 2 Best in show and was invited to display in Holland at Eurospoor 2017 (See video below ). There is a video on You tube under Eurospoor 2017. The layout is available for shows.
Bv John Collins and Vic Goodsell
Tees Steel OO
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